Rod Blur - Biography:

Rod Blur is an Art Rock solo musician from Lima, Peru


Rod Blur on January 9th 2018, released his second album entitled The Divided Obelisk of the Invisible Spectrum produced and recorded by Rod Blur in his studio Poseidon Labs. Artwork was done by Walter Lopez. The video clips for Saturn directed by MuMo Animaciones and Spectrum directed by Walter Lopez serve as singles from the album. The album has been reviewed by Indie Hoy (Argentina), Revista Dosis, Cat Rock (Mexico), Tercer Parlante of El Comercio (Peru) and Amadeus Magazine (USA). Saturn's videoclip appeared in a playlist by Noisey en Español (Spanish version of Noisey Magazine) of the 20 best videoclips of the local independent Lima music scene. Acoustic video sessions for Dissonance, Storms, Under and Intruder have been released. The album has been aired on Radio Kaos Caribou (France). Rod Blur has released the first three parts of Divided Sessions in where he is performing alongside his live band songs of his second album. The track Spectrum appeared in an industrial rock compilation by Swedish page Brutal Resonance called There’s a lot of Industrial. Rod Blur appeared in Indie Guides in the article “A Journey through the Streets of Lima, Peru with Musician Rod Blur”.

Rod Blur released a music video for the song 9 in 2 as a single for The Divided Obelisk of the Invisible Spectrum, the video was directed by Walter Lopez.

Rod Blur has begun work on the upcoming album Ghosts of the Postmodern Scene which will be released later on this 2018.


In March 2017 Rod Blur released his debut concept album entitled The Life and Death of Delta Hauser and the Zombies from the Sun, playing it in tours in Argentina, Chile, and Mexico. He played the album in the festival "Festival Cultural Nuestra Escena" of Mexico. The album was shared by the Argentinian site Indie Hoy, Revista Descabellado of Diario la República, Movistar Música, and el Trome. The Life and Death of Delta Hauser and the Zombies from the Sun was produced by Rod Blur and Carlo Castillo in Gottyrec Estudio. The album artwork cover was made by Walter Lopez.

Rod Blur released a videoclip for the single Intruder directed by Walter Lopez which appeared in the ranking #Los5MásVotados of Movistar Musica. Intruder was aired on radio stations of France (Exodisc Radio) and Mexico (Head Ache Radio and Zona Indie). Music of the album has also being transmitted on Loose Canon on 6 Towns Radio (UK), Radio Lantau (Hong Kong), Pop that Goes Crunch (San Francisco), and Radio Comas (Peru). Rod Blur was interviewed by Acceso Total of Movistar Musica about the album, also in Rock en Rojo y Blanco of Agencia Noticias Andina, Head Ache Radio of Mexico and Periscopio Radio TV of Argentina. A music session recorded in Mexico will soon be published.

In August 2017 Rod Blur released his EP entitled Under the Shadow of Saturn. It was produced by Rod Blur in his studio named Poseidon Labs during the tours in Argentina, Chile and México supporting The Life and Death of Delta Hauser and the Zombies from the Sun. The album cover of the EP was made by Rod Blur and Walter Lopez. The tracks The Shadows and Saturn aired en Zona Indie (Mexico), Exodisc Radio (France), 6TownsRadio (UK), Radio Lantau (Hong Kong) and Pop that Goes Crunch (San Francisco). The EP Under the Shadow of Saturn was shared by Movistar Música in their news section #PasoEnTuMúsica, Revista Dosis, and Lima Escena Rock also shared it. The EP was reviewed by Subte Rock and Indie Hoy of Argentina. He was interviewed about "Under the Shadow of Saturn" on the Tv Show "Medio Pasaje" of ATV+.

A videoclip for the single Saturn directed and produced by MuMo Animaciones was released on October 2017. "Saturn” has had reviews in Rockaxis of Chile / Colombia, Cat Rock of Mexico and Revista Dosis and of Peru. The videoclip of Saturn was selected as one of the best 25 Peruvian video clips of 2017 according to Rock Achorao and also one of the best 20 Peruvian videoclips of 2017 according to Revista Dosis. Saturn is now in the video playlist “Mix Tape” of tv channel Movistar Musica.

In November 2017, Rod Blur released a single/video clip of the song "Spectrum" directed and produced by Walter Lopez. The videoclip was shared by Rockaxis and has had a review by Subte Rock. "Saturn" entered the playlist “La Playlist Emergente de la Semana” of Spanish site Muzikalia, and it also had a review by Laura Camargo which was publish on the Argentinian site Indie Hoy.


In March 2016 Rod Blur released his EP named Delta Hauser as a preview to his debut concept album The Life and Death of Delta Hauser and the Zombies from the Sun. It was produced by Rod Blur and Carlo Castillo Scott in Gottyrec Estudio. The EP got reviewed by Subte Rock, Revista Descabellado of Diario La Republica, Muzikalia (Spain) and Previously, Rod Blur appeared previously in Tercer Parlante of Diario el Comercio in December 2015. Music of the EP aired on Zona Rock Arequipa (Peru), Reactor 105.7 FM (Mexico), That Indie Thing with Rob (UK), Radio Orson Welles (Peru), Radio Comas (Peru) and The Countdown Community (Norway). He presented the EP in Lima Indie Festival, Lima PopFest, Festival Radiación and Huancayo Under Rock Fest. He was interviewed by ClanDestino of tv channel Canal IPE and Dr Rock and El Tren Eléctrico of Radio Orson Welles. He released two music sessions, one in La Caja of Movistar Música and another one in Ktarsis en Directo of Instituto Superior Orson Welles.